Iowa Fertilizer Plant Reaches Additional Key Milestones

May 31, 2016

Several weeks after celebrating the completion of a $10 million project to build, construct, and expand roadways serving Iowa Fertilizer Plant, the facility is reaching another key milestone when boilers start up this week.

The boilers will play a critical role in helping the plant deliver 1.5 to 2 million metric tons of fertilizer products annually when production begins later this year.

As part of this process, there will be intermittent venting noise throughout the day. Additionally, the facility’s flare pilots will also be lit, although that feature will not be noticeable by day and appear only faintly at night. Residents in the community may notice small steam plumes from different areas of the plant as well. Finally, more and more of the plant’s permanent lighting will be coming on during this period as well.

“Iowa Fertilizer Company is a proud member of the Wever and the Southeast Iowa community,” said Darrell Allman, site operations director at Iowa Fertilizer. “Today’s announcement is further indication of the progress being made at the plant. At the same time, we want to make sure the community and all our partners are aware that additional noise, lighting, and other activity will occur prior to settling down to production mode around the end of the year. We will continue to provide informational updates throughout this time period.”

The plant in Wever is the first greenfield nitrogen fertilizer facility constructed in the United States in nearly 30 years. With state-of-the-art production, the company will help provide farmers in Iowa and around the country with a stable, domestic supply of fertilizer while also utilizing industry-leading technology and environmentally sustainable processes.

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