Iowa Fertilizer Plant continues to reach key milestones as construction enters final phase

July 26, 2016

WEVER, Iowa (JULY 26, 2016) — With construction of Iowa Fertilizer plant in southeast Iowa reaching 97 percent this month, the company continues to reach new milestones in the pre-commissioning phase of the facility. Later this week, air blows of the pipe and other equipment are scheduled to begin at the plant. As a result of this process, intermittent noise may be more noticeable around the site for several weeks.

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of the company’s recent celebration of the completion of a $10 million road project serving the plant and the start up of the boilers. Taken together, these recent accomplishments will all play a critical role in helping the plant deliver 1.5 to two million metric tons of fertilizer products annually when production begins later this year.

“Iowa Fertilizer Company currently has more than 2,500 workers on site, completing the final construction stages of what will be one of the most innovative fertilizer manufacturing plants in the country,” said Darrell Allman, site operations director at Iowa Fertilizer. “Today’s announcement illustrates an important step in that process. As a proud part of the Wever and southeast Iowa community, we want to be sure our partners, neighbors, and others interested in the progress of the plant are aware of the milestone and the additional noise that will be coming from the facility over the next several weeks.”


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