Who We Are

We’re the first out of the gate. We’re building the most efficient and environmentally friendly plant in the country and proud to be here in Iowa.

Iowa Fertilizer is a leader in the fertilizer industry. Since the project’s beginning in 2012, Iowa
Fertilizer has represented the resurgence of the American fertilizer industry and is proud to bring jobs and products back to Iowa and the United States.

Iowa Fertilizer is the first greenfield nitrogen fertilizer facility constructed in the United States in nearly 30 years. We provide the industry with a stable, domestic supply of fertilizer while utilizing industry-leading technology and environmentally sustainable processes.

We provide roughly 3 million metric tons of nitrogen products annually to our market. Iowa Fertilizer is located in the heart of the Midwest and our consumer’s backyard. With 30 million acres farmed annually, Iowa farmers have the highest usage rates of fertilizer in the nation. Iowa and Illinois are the two largest producers of corn with an estimated 33 percent of the entire country’s corn output. Iowa Fertilizer is perfectly situated to support our nation’s domestic fertilizer renaissance.

Iowa Fertilizer is a wholly owned subsidiary of Netherlands-based OCI N.V., a global leader in
nitrogen fertilizer production. OCI N.V. has an international fertilizer distribution platform spanning from the Americas to Asia.

Iowa Fertilizer Construction

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