Our Community

Iowa Fertilizer is driving economic growth and supporting communities in Southeast Iowa.

Driving Economic Growth

During construction, Iowa Fertilizer utilized more than 3,000 construction workers and created more than 700 ancillary jobs that helped revitalize the economy of the surrounding region.  We are now operating with more than 230 full time employees.  According to an Economic Impact Analysis performed by the Institute for Decision Making at the University of Iowa, the total economic impact of Iowa Fertilizer Company is approximately $496 Million and the company supports roughly 450 secondary jobs created in addition to those directly employed by our facility.

Iowa Fertilizer and its employees are investing in building stronger communities throughout the
region. Whether it’s the Donnellson Library, Fort Madison Sports Complex, the United Way, or local schools, Iowa Fertilizer is proud to partner with and invest in the Wever, Lee County, and Southeast Iowa community.

Supporting Communities in Southeast Iowa

Over the weekend of February 24th -25th, several IFCo employees participated in the annual Southeast Iowa STEM Festival. STEMFest introduces kids and adults to careers and opportunities in STEM-related fields through hands-on activities, exhibits, and demonstrations. The stations at our booth included PH testing, conductivity through pennies to power light bulbs, electrical troubleshooting, and equipment inspection using a borescope. We were thrilled to interact with members of the community and continue our work to support science, technology, engineering, and math across southeast Iowa.

In January this year, with extreme temperatures embracing the region, IFCo and our employees were thrilled to donate winter coats and other winter clothing items to students attending Richardson Elementary School and Lincoln Elementary School in Fort Madison. We hope the students enjoy the coats and are able to continue participating in all the outdoor activities they can even in the cold winter months!

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